Founder of Neo-Futurism

“Me America” filmed by Hal Hartley
"Me America" filmed by Hal Hartley

Greg’s monologue filmed by Hal Hartley for the “My America” project commissioned by Baltimore’s Center Stage


Carlo Collodi’s original 1883 Italian masterpiece is seen through the eyes of Mary Shelley’s nameless hideous Monster, using a barrage of puppets, absurd costumes, mesmerizing stagecraft, and Greg’s trademark humor and meta-theatrics.


Greg Allen teaches Neo‐Futurism, his innovative performance‐creation theory, all over the world, as well as classes in playwriting, directing, and theater history.

University Teaching
University Teaching

I have held numerous adjunct faculty positions over the past twenty years at various universities including full-semester classes.

K. (an original adaptation of Franz Kafka’s The Trial)
K.  (an original adaptation of Franz Kafka's The Trial)

Highlighting the dark humor in Kafka’s parable, Greg employs masks, music, puppetry, and his trademark meta-theatrics to tell this surprisingly contemporary tale.

About Greg
Founding director of the Neo-Futurists, Greg Allen has taught writing, theater, and performance at the University of Chicago, the Actors Theater of Louisville, and Depaul University. More »
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